Advanced Learning REFramework problems with Assets in Orchestrator



I’m going through the Advanced learning materials and am trying to do the Client Security Hash exercise.

If I try and create an asset in Orchestrator


I get the message An error has occured


I also get the same message if I try and delete one of the assets I already have.

Does anyone know why this might be as I can’t really do this exercise without the credential asset.

Any ideas are welcome.



Hi @charliefik,

I created the asset with the information that you just provided and I was able to do it without issues. You might have encountered a connection issue or the server could have been down at the time.


Please try again and let me know if you are still encountering the issue.



Hi Victor,

Thanks for trying. I tried again today and was able to delete and create an asset credential so it must have been a connection issue/server problem as you say.

All the best,


Hi @charliefik,

Here i have attached the video that to add the asset. (516.8 KB)

Please check your user rights.



Thanks for the video but I think that as Victor suggested it must have been some kind of connection error as I was having issues both adding and deleting assets both of which I was able to do today so I’m guessing that there was a connection problem either at my end or on the orchestrator server over the weekend.