Advanced Controls For Dropdowns in Form Designer

Trying to get some dynamic dropdowns working and was hoping someone has gotten this working.

Assign Activity = CountryList = new List(of string)(new string(){“one”,“two”,“three”})
Type = System.Collections.Generic.List<System.String>

Reference: Advanced Controls in the Form Designer (

Form Data Has
CountryList_dropdown In List CountryList
CountryList Out String Enter a VB expression

The _dropdown is theoretically going to populate my select list.
While it does appear, there are no options visible. The Package is available here to look at. Any insight on why the options are not visible?

FormTasks (2).zip (3.1 KB)

Hi @joshua.connor

I checked your project and it looks like it does work in the Actions:

But doesn’t display during design time.

Is your feature suggestion about seeing the options during design time as well?

Yes, Thanks for showing this working in the actions. It would be very help during the build for this to show in the Design Preview as well.

Hi @joshua.connor - the current functionality of Forms doesn’t get the data in design time therefore this is the right behavior – it should only work during runtime. Please let us know if you need further assistance or have questions. Thanks.