Level 3 Generate Yearly Report - works.. but at 10-20 mins per item?

I’ve checked over a bunch of the posts about the slowness on this. The first run through it goes pretty quick, and I had to implement a refresh the browser hack to get it to continue through the for-each months after it downloads one file… but when it gets to the update work item, it can sit there 3-10 minutes before it does anything, and just continues to slow after that. After 2 hours and manual multiple stops and starts I got through 12 uploads. I’ve been reading posts about it, and done 99% of the suggestions but it’s still not making a difference. The refresh browser hack was the best solution so far.

GenerateYearlyReportProcessor.zip (2.8 MB)

I’m at a loss at the moment as to how to speed it up or whats causing the slowdown , since if you test the individual workflows with default values, it FLIES through them…

Any thoughts? One thought I had that i’m not “allowed” to try until monday (company training, so technically im only allowed to work on it during “work” hours)… but one thought, is in most of the pages I’m attaching browser. Is that going to cause significant slowdown like this?

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Goto properties of that Activity and change WaitForReady from Interactive to None and then try.

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Yeah already did that before I posted, made a little difference… But not significant.

I never found a proper solution. After uploading the report after the first item, it would take 10-30 minutes to move on and process the next one. Changing the WaitForReady didnt help much, it was more like UIiPath “lost” the window after dialogues would pop up and it would take ages to find and reconnect with them again. So I cheated in a way, and in my process.xaml after completing the Work Item, i had it log out of System 1 and log back in. Problem solved, and it ran through at a relatively good pace after that. AND it passed the evaluation like that… So if anyone else in the future runs across this issue, theres MY solution!


I changed the System1_NavigateTo_Dashboard workflow:

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Solved it