Advance Training - Assignment No 1 - Getting error in Get Credentials Workflow

Get Credential workflow is not working for me. it is not getting credentials from Orchestrator.
Please refer following images and help me.


Hey @psrajmohan,

What are the ‘In’ arguments for Invoke Workflow of Login-System1.xaml under Main.xaml? Have you supplied in_System1Crendials in argument as Config(“System1_Credential”).ToString

Also, check if you have added the AssetName as in_Credentials under ‘Get Orchestrator Credentials’ activity.

Let me know if it works,

Rammohan B

@Rammohan91 Thanks a lot Bro…now it is working. i have one more Query.
I have got the following error. How to tackle this?

For which workflow you see that error? Whats the variable type for ‘out_TransactionItem’? Are you storing and retrieving the data from the Queue or DataRow?

Rammohan B.

Variable type i have used for out_TransactionItem is Datarow only.
I am not using the Queue. retrieving the data from Datarow.

So in that case, GetQueueItem activity is not needed right?

I believe you can go ahead and delete it from the framework.

Rammohan B.

I have the exact issue, but i can’t understand what u said…Please help

Hi @Nanda_RPA

Are you still having issues with this (GetTransactionItem activity)?

Just now resolved thanks !!
But got trouble in next step
Academy told to use IF condition if dashboard is not exist, Send an email with the exception. It is recommended to create a separate reusable workflow and invoke it in the Then section. I didn’t get this.
We want to create a new workflow, how to create? They didn’t mention that in PDF.

Please help me out !!

This can be accomplished by creating a new sequence:

Name it something similar to “SendExceptionEmail” and then use the Invoke Workflow activity in the ‘if’ block.

What should be inside of “SendExceptionEmail” sequence?


The inputs are all defined in the assignment Process Design Document section 2.4 Exceptions Handling.

This is enough for this sequence ?

Yeah, the sequence simply sends an email to the system alerting to a faulty login attempt.

Email to the system, what u mean it? Then, why can’t we use Message box or Write line then?

Per the PDD: