Admin access for uipath

I dont have admin access in my machine.
Will it block to perform uipath automation.
If so, how can we get rid of it.

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No not so
If you are given even robot role with necessary editing access to you in orchestrator we can run the process from orchestrator
In orchestrator go to user option by clicking in your name in right top corner and that will take us to the user tab and there you can create user and assign role to you

Cheers @kathirRPA


Hey @kathirRPA and @Palaniyappan

This is something that happened to me recently. Recently I asked my office laptop to be formatted. After I got it back, I did not have admin rights. But I was able to install the browsers without the need of admin rights. This actually broke the web automation capability as uipath was unable to install the browser extensions. Then I requested admin perms back and got it. Then I reinstalled the browsers and uipath studio. This time I was able to install the plugins and it was working perfectly…

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