Orchestrator is unable to connect to studio and Uipath assistant

  1. (a) Unable to find “Admin” option in orchestrator.
    (b) Some fields in orchestrator tenant like folder and assign roles (in Managing access) are not available and its says “Missing permission”. Does it happen due to “phasing out the use of classic folders”.
    (c) Uipath assistant 2022.4.4 is connected to orchestrator but unable to retrieve license. Popup says to “Please contact the IT department”
    (d) When tried to install Windows Installer (stable version: https://download.uipath.com/UiPathStudioCommunity.msi), its been stopped by some error.

    . In logs, End dialog not enabled, no matching ProductCode found in database and MSCOREE not loaded loading copy from system32.

  2. Uipath studio licenses is not available, so I am not able to execute any projects.

Please guide me


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Check out the thread and video


As per the links, the first step is to go to uipath Administration, but I couldn’t able to find admin option in my orchestrator.


That means your user in not added to the Administrators group in your cloud portal.

For adding user to cloud portal, some fields in managing access are not enabled. The fields are Roles, Assign roles, and check roles and permissions. Please guide me, how to add my user to cloud portal.


Who is the owner of the organization homeyqykduk?

It’s me. I am the owner of the account.

Ok, you are sure that you are using the same login account as at the time of the creation of your organization?

As I told you, if you don’t see the Admin button, you are not an Administrator of this organization.

Try to access this link and see if you actually have access: https://cloud.uipath.com/homeyqykduk/portal_/groups

If you don’t have access, log in with another account credential that is actually an Administrator.