Addition to queue Activity - Reporting

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In queues, I can see we have export to excel option which will download the queue related information. It will be good if there is activity to download the reports by robot and at the end of the process, send the report to the business users. This will help users/developers to check the transactions which failed and redo it manually.


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I know it is an older post and you probably know the answer already, but hey :wink:

Would it work with the Get Queue Items activity that is set to fetch failed transactions? You could then fetch your failed queue items and use that information to send the report at the end of the process.

@loginerror - Thanks for the details, I have not yet tried the get queue items, however I can see it gives the list of QueueItems itself. I have propbably raised this idea as I couldnt get the entire exception report as a datatable from the orchestrator and use it to send it to business.

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I see :slight_smile:

Well, it is roughly possible like so:

@loginerror - Lol :slight_smile: I like your because application and because u want it to get failed :smiley:
Can we also convert it into datatable and extract the information for all the queue items despite it is in which status?

The easiest way to convert a collection to data table would be to loop through the collection and assign each value of one record to the respective column of the data table,

This way you could create your custom data table that you could then save to a file and send via email.