Need to download the queue items after the transaction status is updated

Hi Everyone
I need export the Queue data including the exception reason to a spreadsheet,I’m unable to do it could someone have any suggestion
This transaction contains exception details

@vamsivardan Have you tried using Get Transaction Item Activity?

@supermanPunch Get Transaction Item will retrieve the next queue item in line, with the status New, in order to be processed, and automatically changes its status to In Progress.

@vamsivardan My proposed solution is to use Get Queue Items activity. It will return a list of queue items that match the properties set for this activity. Use QueueItemStates property to retrieve the queue items in a certain state (for your example, that will be “Failed”), and Top property set to 1 to get only the latest Item in that state. If you are using this immediately after setting the transaction status it should work as expected. See screenshot below.
After you got the queue item, you can read its data.

Thank You

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