Adding more Arguments in Global Exception Handler

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I want to take screen shot of random exceptions in UiPath. For this, I need to add Take screenshot xaml in the Global Exception Handler workflow.

How can I pass arguments to the TakeScreenshot workflow inside Global Exception Handler workflow? Sample demo will help.



You have to read the config file again in global exception handler…i dont think you can directly pass arguments to handler…

So copy the initallsettings.xaml to global wxception handler and then pass the values to the takescreenshot.xaml


@anamika1506, variables you have in your workflow are passed to the global exception handler.

you can access them in the handler with errorinfo.workflowarguments(“Key”), where the Key is the name of your variable. They are stored in a dictionary.

The rest depends on, what you need in your error handler.

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The scenario you provided is great!
Using the “assign” activity, getting the value of a variable into Global Exception Handler, completely achieving the same effect like adding arguments.

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