Add new arguments to global exception handler

Can I pass additional arguments to a global exception handler?

For example:

In my main workflow there is datatable variable with very important data stored, in the end of the main worklow it has to write an excel file with this data. If some error occur in any point of this main workflow it is very important to write this excel file, but how can i pass this data to the global exception handler?

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Hey @guilherme.dias

We may not able to pass the custom args to the Global handler as of now.

But there are workarounds which can help us fulfill the scenario need.

Kindly let me know the result you are assigning in the handler ?


Hi @Nithinkrishna as we can not pass the args to global handler, i’ll use a try catch. in theory the expected result is the same for me.

I’ve tried to use global handler just to get familiar with this type of error handling! Thanks for the help!

Cool @guilherme.dias :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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