Can we pass extra arguments to Global Exception Handler?

Can we pass extra arguments to Global Exception Handler, or access our main program’s variables? For example, if I want to close open applications that could be stored in variables inside ‘main’, whenever the GE handler is called.

Is this possible?


yah ofcourse make sure that those variables are defined GLOBALLY like global variables
that is the scope of those variables must be with whole sequence or whole project

Cheers @pduffy

Thanks Palaniyappan. I tried that - they are global variables whose scope starts at ‘main’, but they are not accessible from within the Global Exception Handler block - i.e. the GlobalHandler.xaml file that is stored in the project directory.

Apologies if I’m missing something obvious here…

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were the Global Exception Handler called in the process, like been invoked

Cheers @pduffy

No. I’m talking about the “Global Exception Handler” workflow that is built into UiPath.

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Yes how to pass config dictionary to Global exception handler?

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how about using diction

  1. create variable Exception(MyException)
  2. add value to share with globalhandler, MyException.Data(“value”) = “data”
  3. in globalhandler, user that value

Read config again in global handler

impossible to do 3). Global Exception Handler will no contains MyException.

Or you means errorInfo.Variables(“MyException”)?