Adding Files to Data Service

Is there, or will there be a way to add files to a data service entity? Using file picker only seems to interface with storage buckets right now.

You need the file to be added to one entity record?

Did you try Upload File to Record Field?

To confirm.
When you say about the file picker, so are you using that UiPath Data Service and Apps integration?

Yeah I’m trying to use just Apps to Data service. Didn’t know if there was a way to do it solely in apps without have to launch processes to do it for me!


There is no way to upload file into service entity and show file in to table. This could be new release.

Hey @Anderson_Logan_CEI-Atlant, support for Data Service’s File fields (via the File Picker control) is coming at the beginning of April. Keep an eye on the release notes!


That’s great news @evan.cohen . Will this support as Base64 file as well like upload file into SQL or SharePoint and retrieve from this source.

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