Download file from data service using uipath apps

Hi @Venkata_Rajendran @Viswanath_Lekshmanan

Is there any option to download the file using uipath apps from data service without using uipath process

Hi Naveen,

We can use File-Picker component to download files from dataservice.

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Hi @Viswanath_Lekshmanan @Arvind_Kumar1

Thanks for the response
I have taken file picker and enabled only download option like below

And i can able to see only 2 rules for File picker


There is no option to download


Without using storage bucket , need to download the file from data services

@Venkata_Rajendran @ankit.saraf

Hi Naveen,

For file download you need to attach an Entity Field in value binding.

Eg: Create a Data Context using lookup function. (Using Data Context)

Bind the File field from data-context to value binding.

On runtime, this will make the call to dataservice and allow us to download the file using file picker.


For file picker , data context option is in disabled mode , can you please let me know how to do thta


Able to achieve , Thank you

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