Add to dictinoary

hear am doing mail replay for a particular email id so that’s y I use this add to dictionary in this I get the error so share that screen shoot in that output error is there go and check-in that image.

Anyone Plz help

@Chethan_P - Before adding items to the dictionary it must be initialized.

MasterDictionary = new Dictionary(Of String, String) // use Assign activity
*if both your key and value are strings.


sorry i didn’t understand

@Chethan_P - Above for each row activity -
add Assign activity
To : MasterDictionary ( your dictionary name)
Value : new Dictionary(Of String, String)


thanks you very much, can u plz explain y i get that error and y we add that new dictionary(of string, string)

@Chethan_P - When you using any collection types variables - default variable value is Nothing. So it has to be initialized with the respective collection types. like below…
for dictionary - dictionaryVariable = new dictionary(of string, string) ( based on key/value types)
for List - listvariable = new List(of string) ( based on list types)


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