Add Value to Variable Type Dictionary<String,String>

Hello everyone,

I’ve a question about added some value into the the variable with Dictionary<String,String> type.

Example Expectation:
myVariable<(“RANKED”, “ONE”)>

Can you help me? Thanks in advanced…

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  1. initialize myVariable
    myVariable = new Dictionary(Of String,String)

2. assign myVariable("RANKED") = "ONE"


Awesome… thank you very much for your help :100:

sorry, i find the new case, how to add the same key in that dictionary? that is possible?

Hi @henokhbrian ,
Dictionary Key values must be unique.
If you want to add any new value Use “Add to Dictionary” activity.


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oh i see… so i must find the another way without using the same key in that dictionary. thank you very much for your information :pray:

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