Error In Add to dictionary activity

I created one dictionary variable with data type New Dictionary(of String, String). But it throws exceptions. Please help me to handle this exception.

@Mahashankari Try using Assign Activity Like :
Config_Dictionary(“yourKey”) = “your Value”

That is the other option i thought. Why this exception throws.

@Mahashankari The Type of Dictionary for Add to Dictionary is Different I suppose

I had come across this issue couple of times…Do not make mistake of ‘Clicking on plus sign to add an activity’ such as Dictionary activities… It is better to search and select ‘Add to dictionary’ activity which will then prompt you to choose proper args types for it. This will immediately resolve issue. :grinning:

In this video, I do multiple operations with dictionary activities and you can see all the steps:

Cristian Negulescu

Thanks buddy,i facing the same error and got solution via using your given instruction