Add Queue Items and Process Them For recurring automation

Him thanks for the help in advance. I have a worflow that will run a weekly to login into a system extract data and put in into a datatable. The datatable is to be stored in a queue in orchestrator . So each row is a new item in the queue.
Now my problem is that the data can change often and i need my processs to take that into account and update the queue accordingly
Here is what i am trying to accomplish . I already have the process built to the point where it sends the data to the queue but i dont want duplicates the next week and the weeks after when it runs and i want the following

• I want my process to retrieve all the items first In the Queue if any and set them to successful, then
• I want the process to check for the existence of the item first by using the reference string which I made the row(0).ToString value
o If the item exists, then check and compare the data in the item.
 If something changes, then update the item.
 If not, then go to the next item.
o If it is a new item , then add it to the queue, and set the status to new

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Let’s go one by one

—we can use Get Queue items to get all items and use Set Transaction Status activity to update the status of each queue

We can use IF condition

If we want to update we need to create a new item once after deleting the existing item
For that we can use Delete queue item activity and to create a new item we got either Add queue item (to be used when a NEW item to be created) or use Add Transaction item activity (to be used when a IN PROGRESS item is needed)

cheers @hatakora

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