Add queue items in Queue

i have data in datable and data in queue also , i want to add only that data in queue which are present in datatable but not in queue

If you are worried about adding the same Item again in Queue, then :

Use Is Item In Queue action in Work Queue VBO

This action will take Key input and let you know if an Item with that Key is already present in the Queue.
Based on the True/False value of output you can decide to either add the Item in Queue or not add the item in Queue.

can u please share workflow

Hi @ankitasharma443396 ,

Please follow below steps

1 Read queue data from get queue items.
2 Read data from excel.
3 iterate each data of excel through foreachrow.
4 Check unique ID of data table present in queue or not in body of email. If present use continue activity not to add it in queue else add queue item.

Let me know if you face any issue.


i did same steps
data from excel is in DT
queue data is in getQueue item(I have used Reference in queue also which contains today date)
i have used for each row(1) in dt
within for each row(1) i have used for each(2) in queue
and put switch condition within for each(2)
which will check item.SpecificContent(“Name”).ToString.Equals(row(“Name”).ToString.Trim)

but this is checking below way
1 row;s column value of name is shyam
then it will check in queue first item whether its shyam or not

its not checking in all the queue items

Hi @ankitasharma443396 ,

Try below xaml, it will work.

Test.xaml (10.0 KB)

Let me know for any issue.

Hi @ankitasharma443396,

Do you have unique reference property enabled in your queue in orchestrator already?

As if you will have that enabled and have your reference Id set under ‘Add queue item’, you won’t require to have a check on any values or run through loop to check if an item is already there or not.

When this is enabled, upon trying to add new queue item, automated check happens on existing items against reference provided, if already there, you will be thrown duplicate item error(use try catch to handle exception) and this wont get added.


@ankitasharma443396 , is it worked for you?

@ankitasharma443396 , can you please close this thread if this is resolved ?