Work with pending items in queue

I’m adding data in queue using add to queue and the bot stop at 10 th item I want to after rerun bot not add same data agin to queue and proceed from 11 th item.please help me how to proceed with pending items in queue.


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If the queue values are already present then you need to do anything…automatically when the bot starts the next time it wpuld pick the next available item from the queue .

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In second rerun the process again data added to queue.

Hi @Rajshri_Potekar

In the second run or rerun if you want to avoid duplicates. In the Unique Reference field, select Yes or No, to indicate if you want transaction references to be unique or not.

Managing Queues in Orchestrator.


If you do not want to add then use an argument as input for the process and set it to false…and give add queue items workflow inside thr if condition.

Or separate the performer and dispatcher part…

Basically you have to give logic for it to not add again…if not if you run again it would add the data again to queue


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