Add Queue Item and Get Reference - Local characters ÅÄÖ break


When adding queue items by using the persistence pack activity “Add Queue Item and Get Reference”, any local characters (ÅÄÖ) in Specific Data values break. For example, “ä” changes to “\u00e4”.

The problem is easy to replicate, just add any queue item using the mentioned activity, with some special local characters, and they should break.

Just in case, please find attached a very simple project showing the difference in behaviour between the traditional “Add Queue Item” and this new persistence version of the same activity. You will have to create a queue to Orchestrator for the project to work, obviously. (7.4 KB)

Hi @tuokyh

It is a known issue and our team is aware of it. Please go over this topic, it should contains the clues to overcome the issue with some workarounds: