Add multiple data tables with same schema to one excel sheet?

Hi everyone,

I don’t want “match” or do anything, I just want all the data tables (I have 3)
to exist on one sheet altogether to deliver to my client so they can review data.

Join Table wouldn’t work because it wants a condition on columns from each of the tables.

I attempted to create a for each and merge them all to the same table… but the error states Object reference not set to an instance of an object…

Any help?

You can do it with

  • merge datatable Acitvity Merge 2nd with first, merge third with first (which was laready merged with 2nd) - result 1ll 3 dt in the first dt


Into the same Worksheet:

  • Write range with the first dt
  • append range with the second dt
  • append range with the third dt
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