Merging Multiple tables

Hi All,

I have extracted Data from webpage and here i have creaed 4 Databases, im not sure how can i merge 4 tables and extract into Excel. Please suggest



you need to use ā€œMerge Datatableā€ activity.

use it to add first two and then third and then fourth. ex. a,b,c,d are tables then, a = a merge with b then a = a merge with c and a = a merge with d

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@Kalpesh_Chaudhari I have used merge table only, but all the tables have different columns It is not working for me i got below error.

Merge Data Table: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


Just a quest, are all tables have similar data? Just the names of columns are different right?

Can you share screenshots?


One more thing you can do is like first clone one table.

Assume a, b, c and d are tables

Master_table = a.Clone

Use below activity in invoke code and pass Table_Name as in arg, Master_table as in/out arg

For each row in Table_Name:
Add data row to Master_table



First of all the error says that one of the table that you are using is not having data or is not initializedā€¦

And when you say you want to mergeā€¦can you be more specific on how you want to merge them ā€¦are they having same number of columns and you just want them to be merged one below other?

If so in merge datatable you can use column index option which does not consider having same column names



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