How to add two data tables into one one data table, merge column wise

samplefile.xlsx (9.0 KB)
sheet1 contains only one column sheet2 contains 10 columns,
final result which I want is


You can try using Append Range.
See if it works.


sorry but data is in datatable form not a exce the file.

Try this

no its not working, I want to merge column into one

in excel we would just using

  • write range - dt2 (sheet2) with an offset to Range B2

On datatables we would handle it as a side by side merge

@ashishmani Try attached workflow (12.4 KB)





HI , thanks for the reply but data comes from build data table, we not use excel here , I paste the excel as an example only

@ashishmani Try the below one (3.6 KB)



@ashishmani Are you using add data column activity before invoke method. Also, make sure you define data table DT2. Please follow the steps that attached in the workflow

thanks for your support.

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