Three tables to one

I have three tables with the same column names and I have to save each to one datatable and paste it to another sheet combined.

Have a Look on the merge datatable activity

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I use for each loop to read all three tables and save them in datatable and then copy to template table. merge does not work for me.


you can use append datatable to a new datatable inside the for each loop

Could you please explain how

theirs a activity call append Range it will append your data to a sheet if it already exist or create a new sheet
you can read range inside for each loop
and also append Range inside it

Thank you

It’s not combining those three tables

check this it would help you

Hi @markosc

Can you please share a dummy excel file so I can create a workflow for you. ?

Thank you,

a more detailed description on what is not workling would help for further guidance. What was doen, what did you get, what is missing. Thanks

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