Add issue in jira using uipath by jira software package

How can we create issue in jira using uipath by jira software package. whenever i am creating issue in uipath i am getting below error.
Invalid request: {“errorMessages”:,“errors”:{“project”:“project is required”}}.
your reply would be appreciated.Thanks

Hi kanu.

Please ensure you have a valid project in JIRA account and you are giving project ID which is present in JIRA correctly.

Please share screenshot of activity you are using, if possible

Hello Kanu,
Here you have video how to creat a Jira issue using a wizard component:

and here you have video how to do this REST API commands without any activity:

Cristian Negulescu

@Cristian_Negulescu, working with your example, I continue to receive “{“errorMessages”:,“errors”:{“project”:“project is required”}}”

I attempted to use the name of the project (string) and the key for the project and I continue to receive the message above. When testing the connection I receive “Valid Connection”. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Hello Bob,
In this movie Insert and Update issues with RAW REST API commands so you can custom how you want.
How to work with issues via REST API from UiPath Studio - YouTube
To be able to extract the CORRECT KEY for your project take a look at JIRA WEBpage link and your project key should be here:
Cristian Negulescu

Bob- hello, were you able to do this - i am facing the same issue. @Sellers_Bob