Facing issue in adding issue in jira in getjira package in uipath

i am facing issue in adding issue in jira in getjira package using uipath (what should i put in issuekey,summary,description,issuetype in parameter)


While creating an issue in jira inside the summary add the title name, in description add the your detailed description about the defect for other detail you can take a help from the last option available on the wizard.

might these 2 video helpful for you.


@deepak.rai6 These videos are helpful but i am facing problem in creating issue in jira using uipath. what should i put in issue type and issue key while creating issue, as these are two main factor.

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Hi @kanu_soni.

While creating Issue via JIRA acitvity, You need a Project KEy which is visible in your projects poanel in JIRA account. And Under types of Issue you can give one of these 4.
Epic,Bug.Task or Story based on your requirement.

Hello Kanu,
Check this video and you will see how to create Jira Issue with custom parameters:
Add issue in JIRA with wizard from UiPath (Download files) | UiPath Jira Use Case - YouTube
Cristian Negulescu