Excel data entry from a variable

Hello everyone,

can you help me to enter data into a new excel file.
i need to enter data extracted from pdf files.
i am extracting data from multiple pdf files saved in a single folder.
each pdf file has similar data to be extracted and saved in local variables.
i am using loop for each file in the folder.

now, i would like to enter this extracted data from each pdf file into a single excel sheet.
for each iteration in the for loop, extracted variable values should append in new row of excel sheet.
i am not able to use the variable values in ‘append range’ activity of excel.

how to use variables in append range activity.

Thank you!

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First append range must be in excel scope
Second, variable type for append data must be in data table format

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thanks for the reply.
found the solution:
“add data row” activity should be added.
in input ArrayRow give the variable names as: { variable1, variable2, variable3}
and in append range use the that ‘data table’