Add date in Java date input field


I have problem to type (add) values in to data-field in Java form.
I try everything with all options from “type into text” Activities without success.


Try set text activity .
Refer link for more detail :

Hope it will help !!

I try also with Set text and not works

Use “send hot keys” activity and pass keys to reach to the box where u want to type .
Than type !!

How you think use “pass keys”

After this screen is loaded use keyboard keys like tab or other special keys to reach to that point .

OK, Do you know how to press 7 x Tab Key ? Do I need to make 7 activities with Set Hot Key is there some other solutions ?

You can put it in the loop mentioning the condition or you can place it 7 times !! Both is ok …
Edited : “[k(tab)]” I missed .

Can I use in Type Into something like this.

OK, this is solutions which works .

If idea of using " tab " works than pls mark that reply as solved .

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