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Hi All ,

I have Excel file and need to add the price column to the 2 Queue by filter the column so if the price is more then 40 then add to queue 1 else add to queue 2 ,

i crate for each row and if , but it is not work


what is the error ?

@coder - pls try with Convert.ToInt32(row(“Price”).ToString)>40 and check.
also - pls log the row(“Price”).ToString before the if condition to check the value.

thank you i will try , i use the log to see value and it is work fine but when i use the queue it is not work it is give me all data

@coder - can you share the screenshot of the builk add queue items properties?


you mean this?


This is the log it is correct i have number for test which is 10 , 20 , 30 , 40 , 50

But in the queue all number add

@coder - if you are performing a row based action → you can use the add queue item activity instead of bulk add queue activity.


I will try , Thank you

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Thank you it is work :heart_eyes:

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