Issue in adding column value to Queue

I have a problem in adding the particular column value to the queue, it shows empty but it is able to add the other column values to the queue.
using add data row activity.
Naveen Kumar

Hello @naveenkumarr
Did you check the value by printing it before adding it to the queue?
Kindly share screenshots of your add queue item information props

Hi @Gokul_Jayakumar
i’m able to write that data in excel and it is successful

@Share your Item props of add queue

Also, check with add in other queue by creating a new queue

Right click the Add to Queue activity and select Toggle Breakpoint to create a breakpoint on that activity. Run your process in Debug mode. When it stops at the Add to Queue activity, look in the Locals panel to see the values. Probably it’s just that the value is blank, even though you think it isn’t.

Also, what is the datatype of the column?