How to add items to queue with condition

Hello Team,

We have a column in below format

Project | D_Name | cn_no

It should only add items for these columns if all three columns contain value

Value should not be added into queue if present in below format

Example:If only Project/D_Name/cn_no any one column contains the value then that row should not be added to queue

Project | D_Name | cn_no
| | 881
qne | |
| nnk |
P1 | ddk |990

Only P1 row should get added to queue

Thanks in advance

Hello @NISHITHA, try this:

Read Range (Excel) → DataTable

Filter Data Table:

  • Input: DataTable
  • Conditions: Project is not empty AND D_Name is not empty AND cn_no is not empty
  • Output: FilteredDataTable

For Each Row (FilteredDataTable):

  • Add the current row to the queue

Cheers! :slight_smile:


can you try this

Assign Acitvity

dtChecked =

( From d in YOurDataTableVar.AsEnumerable()
Let isBlank = d.ItemArray.All(Function (x) isNothing(x) OrElse String.IsNullOrEmpty(x.toString.Trim))
Where not isBlank
Select r = d).CopyToDatable

Thanks @rodrigo.simao , @Shiva_Nikhil and @ppr for your quick responses

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