How to add data row to the extracted Datatable


I have a scenario, where to data scrap a table. I did data scraping and filtered the DT according to my requirement.

I need to add a column inbetween the data table (ie., at 5th position). I did the same using Set ordinal method and worked fine.

Now, I have one row of data, but the newly added column is empty. I would like to add the data row for that particular column.
Can someone pls help me on this?

Ps. I tried with Add data row only for the newly created column, but its adding on the next row. (not appending with the first row).
Thanks in advance!

@PavithraSundaram Suppose there are two rows, Do you have two different values for that particular Column to be added or the values for that Column will be the same ?

Thanks for dropping in @supermanPunch… I figured it out how to solve it…

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