Extracted datatable

we have a dataTable extracted from the website. pls tel me how to get the input from the data table to add columns. Datatable is ready with the input…i want to know how to fetch the input from that datatable in uipath studio so that i can add the columns and get the results.
pls suggest me with the solution.

thanks in advance!!!

Hey @vinutha1

Could you be more clear with the requirement, what input you need to get from the datatable and i hope you have used data scraping to get the output in datatable.

Hello @vinutha1
Do you want to access value from datatable?

we already have extracted table…3columns named loc, A, and B . how to fetch this data in uipath

Lo A B

@vinutha1 plz follow this procedure
-use excel application scope and read range activities to read and store it in a datatable say dt1
-use for each row activity and give the input as dt1 and from there based on your requirement you can use the data inside the datatable.


thank you…il try this

hello @vinutha1

use for-each to Iterate through the Data table,
for each iteration use row.item(index ) or Row(index) to get the each value of the row.

Example :slight_smile: image
to get the value of column(1) row(1) : row.item(0).tostring
output : 1

to get the value of column(2) row(1) : row.item(1).tostring
output : 1

to get the value of column(3) row(1) : row.item(2).tostring
output : 0


hey @Ajju…thank u