Add data row - combining text


I need to add data row. Eg. my row (string) is “IBM” and I would like to get result in one cell:
“Company name: IBM”
Now I have result: first cell “Company name” and second cell “IBM”.
Now I use {“Company name:”,row(“Company”)}

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@Krzysztof Can you clarify you need “Company name: IBM” in single cell right


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@Krzysztof Use write cell activity and pass cell number and value.


One again:)
I have a data table and I need add data row.I have a list od company names (in another data table):

I need to get:
Company name: X
Company name: Y
Company name: Z
I use for each row and then add data row.

@Krzysztof Can you explain what needs to be done by showing your Excel file? :sweat_smile:

I have dtDataTable with column “Name” and list of clients X,Y, Z
I build new data table (dtFinal) and in my new column I get:
Row 1: “Company name: X”
Row 2: “Company name: Y”

In for each for of dtDataTable I add data row (company name has to start as “Company name”. Generally to text “Company name” I have to add name of this company, eg. “Company name: X”.
{“Company name:”,row(“Company”)} do not work right.

I created solution. First step is assign where to text "Copmany name: " I add row("Company).ToString. I receive variable strCompany.
Next in add data row my value is {strCompany}

Instead of that u can try this one-
for each row of dtDataTable add data row with value {“Company name:”+row(“Company”).ToString}

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It works. Of course it is better solution. Thank you.

Just use write Cell:

“Company name: "+YourString

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