Adding Secific Columns only to Add Data Row activity

Hi all,
Can any one help me out with this

I have created a DataTable DT2 of Name,Age and Income(all Columns are of String type)
I have another DataTable DT1 with Columns Name ,Age ,Field,Work and Income

I want to add only Name , Age and Income to DataTable DT2 which will be read from DataTable DT1.

So for that I’m using Add Data Row Activity … In that What should I write it in Properties of Add Data Row (What should I write in ArrayRow,)

Thanks in Advance.

use this
the two empty strings after row(“Age”).ToString refer to the Field and Work fields which DT1 doesnt have
{row("Name").ToString, row("Age").ToString,"","",row("Income").ToString}

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Hi Jack,

Thank you so much for the reply. It worked finally for me …

And also your picture representation made me so clear.

Thanks a lot Jack.


you’re welcome!

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