Issue combining cells in excel and adding text

I need to combine a few values in an excel sheet sheet. I have tried two merge add on’s and have not had any success. I wondered if someone might be able to provide a solution

I need to create the following output and save it to column M for each row in the workbook.

E(Not the cell just the letter)+G2 +AAA(Just the letters) + BBB (just the letters) +D2

A completed example would look like this E01012021 AAA BBB 0.00

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

While looping over rows inside the datatable, reference columns within each row as follows:

Read values from columns D and G:
Assign → ColumnDVariable = row(3).ToString
Assign → ColumnGVariable = row(6).ToString

Set Column M value:
Assign → row(12) = "E" + ColumnGValue + " AAA BBB " + ColumnDValue

You may replace indices 3, 6 and 12 with the respective column names for easier referencing.