How I can Add data to a existing data table

Hi, I have already a data table with two columns ex- Company Names and Founder Name,
I want to add data to this data table how I can do this?

the add datarow activity can be used for this

have a look on the different parameters and give a try on:

Parameter: ArrayRow: {YourCompanyNameValue, YourFounderNameValue}

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I want to add the data to the data table dynamically.


Use can use Add data row activity


Hope this helps you


we can do or please elaborate more on what is meant with adding dynamicly. Thanks

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Give your variable in ArrayData row property

As the value changes, the data adding is also changes

Hope this helps you


I have two column in the existing data table as “Company Name” & “Founder Name”.
I am using two get text activity and getting the text from a website for Company Name and Founder Name and these two get text activity will run for several times to get the value and put to the existing data table.


  • run it within a loop
  • define the ArrayRow with the help of the two variables like {getTextResultVar_CompanyName,getTextResultVar_FounderName}

and it can be added dynamicly

Thank you I got it. I would request you to please look into my another query please…
How to get the Revenue, founder name, for a list of companies.

Thank you again.

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