Add custom Limit Extraction using Table Extraction

Now I have one problem when I use ‘Table Extraction’ to extract data tables from one website. There are some columns including ‘name’, ‘links’, and ‘date’. I want to set a Limit extraction for stopping extract when the ‘date’ is smaller than one special date time. But I only find ‘Limit extraction to’ from ‘Table Extraction’ which only has three options: ‘Max pages’, ‘Max rows’, and ‘no limit’.
So how can I create one special limitation during the table extraction?

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We can’t create that kind of limitation in during the live extraction, you should extract all the items and then filter based on your requirements.

Also you can try using the For Each UI Element Activity to extract your items based on certain conditions


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Once you have the table extracted use “Filter Data Table” Activity and filter rows/column according to your conditions.

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