DataTable Limatation?

Hi guys,

A curious happen in my code… I dont know why but when I try to extract a html table with “extract structured data” activity that’s get only 409 /508 row xD

The ridiculous thing is the robot scrap all data from each page but miss some item even if i dont apply any filter…

Is it exist some storage limitation? if yes I guess is not just some kb…

Buddy @Elya

No buddy there is no such storage limitation, may be it might be very fast, increase the time between each scrapping pages with property buddy and put 0 as no of entries value to get all the data while scrapig

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Hi @Elya

While data scraping, Keep ‘0’ at maximum no. of results to select the entire table data.

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Yeah I tried this way of course :grin:

But I figure out something…

When I tried into a workflow as io_MyDataTable (in/out) to MyDataTable declared as New.Data.DataTable this limitation exist (409/508). But When I just try directly all set of data is available.

How can we explain this?