Add CSV package


How to add csv package for trial version in ui path


install excel activities from manage packages


installed but not displaying i am using trial version tool


In tool its showing only Favourites Activities but its not showing Available Activities


I would like to put text into csv file… I wonder if this is possible in trail verision?


Hit Manage Packages Button in Activities section or Ctrl+P
Select Available
Type “Ecxel” in Search in Available
Choose and install Excel Package

Hope this helps


The image shown to add the Excel and CSV pagkage…


How to extract a data table to an excel in ui path
Could not find the write csv in activities

It seems they have removed the excel.activities from the new update - v2018.1.4.
Can someone help how to control CSV files now as my bots are using CSV.

Could not find type ‘WriteCsvFile’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 65, Column: 14


Plz, Ignore. Got the option after i unchecked the Filter activities option. My bad.