Where can I get the "UiPath.CSV.Activities.WriteCsvFile" activity?

I’d like to write a DataTable into a CSV, which is part of the training curriculum. However, the Write CSV activity is not available in UIPath 20.19.01 Community Edition.

I have to manually install the System Activities pack to be able to launch a Browser Activity, so I presume it’s a similar situation with this one. However, this time, the search box is not helpful. When I search for official sources for “UiPath.CSV.Activities.WriteCsvFile”, I get no results found. If I search for all sources, I get CSVHelper by Josh Close.

I have nothing against Josh Close, but I’m looking for the official packages that should have been included in the installation by default.

Why are there no activities installed by default anyways? That’s like selling a car without the doors, when the gull wing doors were a selling point of the car.

I should note; Bryan Lamb’s training on UDemy covered how to add activities, but the official training did not, nor did it say anything about having to post-install add a bunch of stuff to get the baseline of activities shown in the training videos.

Also, I have both UiPath.System.Activities and UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities installed, which according to this article Core Activities Split means that I should be covered and should have the Write CSV activity installed.

Write CSV is present by default… Then again I have 2019.4.4 Enterprise.


Looks like I mangled the version in the OP. I have 2019.10.2, which is newer than what you have, so I’m guessing they changed things up in the last 6 or 7 months.

It seems that there are some CSV related activities in the Excel pack (UIPath.Excel.Activities), which is also what you are showing.

I’m thinking I might have a mangled installation somehow, but there are enough other people complaining about missing activities where I’m not sure it will fix things. Like this person "Read CSV" file missing in UiPath Studio - Stack Overflow talking about missing Excel activities.

Edit: uninstall and reinstall had no effect.

Try this…

Click Manage Packages at the top of Studio, Type “Excel” into All Packages Search Bar, and Install the UiPath.Excel.Activities


Check you Dependencies for UiPath.Excel.Activities for a CsvHelper. CsvHelper is a .NET library for reading and writing CSV files.

I don’t see such a package by UIPath installed, or available by the package amanger.

I don’t see a UIPath CSVHelper, only the one in the package manager, which is 12.2.2, by Josh Close. It has a green icon.

I’m installing that now.

Edit: Also, I’m the one that told you about the Excel Activity that you just told me to install. I wasn’t very clear, but I already installed it.

Check you Settings. Are they all enabled?

Yes, they all are. However, those are locations to install more packages. I’m not following where you’re going with this.

Correction, those are package sources.

I’m trying to help you resolve this.