CSV is not available in the activity panel

i have downloaded an community edition, don’t have CSV option in the activity panel, please help me out in adding the in the activity


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If should have installed as default if not please go to manage package option in the activity tab and install excel (csv)or all the available package.


hi hari,
you need to update and install packages in uipath. there are multiple packages are available.
see thisCapture

thanks a lot will try the same.


do you know  RPA development tools except Uipath

Hi Ajith,

No I m new to RPA development, actually i m .net mvc developer. heard about blue prism. but not been used.

Thanks a lot got it… CSV.

Hi harish,
Install all the available packages … because its helpful for all other activities

okey thanks… but wanted to know which packages for what dose exactly.

fine please ignore my previous comment its mentioned.