Read CSV activity not available in community edition



Hi Team,
i am trying to read data from excel ,but Read CSV activity not available in Acvity panel.i am using Community Edition.please guide me.


Be sure to install additional package UiPath.Excel.Activities. CSV activities are parts of this package.

UI Path 18.1 : Unable to find CSV in App Integration

thanks for reply,already Excel package installed


Make sure you have unchecked filter option and install all the available packages including csv.



Excel activities should install relevant CsvHelper version by itself, as it has it in it’s dependencies. No need to install separately (or there shouldn’t be a need for it, at least).


They do install…


Thanks @rafal_dyrda , i was able to see now in my community edition.


thanks I had to install the package in order to have access to CSV functionality in Community edition. thanks for the post