Add a new row and insert data from a other Excel- data table



Hello Guys,

i just want to add a blank row in a existing data table and insert some data from a other data table. is it possible that the “new added row” is always on a specific Position? Maybe the “new added row” is always the second in the data table?

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Insert row into Excel via UIPath
Insert row into Excel via UIPath

You can do something like this




I dont know why but i got some Errors

can you help me ?


Hello there,
Looks like you created from argument pane.
You suppose to choose from parameter property of Invoke Method.


Looks like you have not created dr(dataRow) and DT(DataTable) variables.I have provided the code assuming your DT having data in it.

And @ddpadil is correct as well. you need to pass those in parameters section.


I want to know if for the first pdf the data gets written in the 3rd row . Then what should be done so that the data of 2nd pdf comes in the 4th row