Insert row into Excel via UIPath

Hi, I am a rookie who is trying out UIpath for automation for my work purpose.

I am trying to use UIPath to insert a new row into excel, however, I am having issues as I can only find insert column and not row even with the excel integration pack.
I have tried from the following topic - Add a new row and insert data from a other Excel- data table

However, I am getting error on the assign and invoke method to insert an excel row.
And I can’t seem to find any information on how to use the assign or invoke method and how can I use them?

Would appreciate any assistance and or where can I find the relevant information?

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Hi @Junhao,

Can you please tell me if the row has some data or an empty row has to be inserted?

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With reference to below post, find the workflow attached for better understanding. (7.5 KB)


Hi SaranyaKishore,

Thank you for the information, it help a lot. Thank you and appreciate your information.

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Welcome :slight_smile: