Activity Creator wont work for me

im trying to use Activity Creator v4 with VS2022 v17.3 but i can’t se my created activity in Uipath Studio v2021.10.04.

Im following this guide: Using The Activity Creator

I have tryed using vs2022 with Activity Creator v3 then i can load the custom activty in studio but i cant se the activity in the studio activities.

If i use my VS2019 and Activity Creator v3 it all works fine.

I don’t get any error messages when I build the project, nor when I publish.

Any suggestion where to start troubleshooting?

Sincerly MxS

New activity creator project has different target framework
Make sure you are using UiPath project with ‘Windows’ compatibility

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:
Where do change that?

When you create new project in UiPath:

if I choose Windows or Crossplatform, I don’t see any activities at all, not even my old ones.

Mine is different from yours:

Could that be the reason and if so, where do I change so it looks like yours?


As UiPath 21.10.5 or lower uses diffirent target of .net framework, it might not work. (Please check Breaking change chapter of the following document.)

For now, can you try to upgrade your Studio to 21.10.6 or higher?


@Yoichi, I think that may be the problem because I have done according to all the tips and guides that exist, it feels like :slight_smile:
But thanks so much for all the help.
Since I don’t know exactly that is the solution, should I still mark this as solved?



I think it’s no problem to keep open status for a while, if the matter isn’t certainly solved, because someone might post better solution.

BTW, if you can share your activities package which is created by Activity Creator4, we might be able to check if it works in our environment.


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