Activity Creator with Visual Studio 2022

Dear Sir :

This topic seems to be brought out in this forum previously , I’ve tried some of them but without luck, so I decide to create a post on this, thanks four your understanding.

Help needed :
I followed the article[The Simple Activity] to test Activity Creator v4, publish was success by choosing the first folder[MyCompany.MyProduct], publish failed when select the third folder[MyCompany.MyProduct.Activities.Design].

I can install the custom activity in UIPath Studio’s “My Custom Activities”

But not able to see the activity on Design Pane “Activities”

My environment was as follows :
Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition
UIPath Studio 2022.10.3 Community Edition

Few months ago, I mananged to pull it off with Activity Creator v2.x on 2022.4 , I’m wondering is there anything I missed ?

Thanks for your kindly reply!
Gene Liang, Taiwan.

Hi @gene105

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Check out the video link and docs,Installer%20appears%2C%20complete%20the%20installation.



@Gokul001 Thanks.

I create another project and do publish on [MyCompany.MyProduct.Activities], then the activity was successfully appear on the “Activities” list.

I found the previous custom activity created using Activity Creator v2.x was not listed when upgrade to 2022.10.3.

I think the best approach to migrate it was to copy & paste the C# code to a new project created using Activity Creator v4, can you give me your comments on this?

Hi @gene105

Yes, you can go a head with your approach. Its looks fine

Check out the video

Hope it will helps