Activities panel STUDIO X


Is it possible to go back to the old display of the activities panel of Studio X ? The new one is less intuitive for that…


As per my knowledge UiPath introduced new feature in the studiox is related to new developer activities in the activities filter panel . if you don’t want to view the developer activities in the activities section you can simply un check the checkbox on the show developer.

Please share us screenshot of the activities panel you are referring to. Thanks.

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Thanks for your reply !

This is a capture of the old menu :

I can’t see with filters.

ok. this is the old menu option for the earlier version of studiox. After upgrading to latest version i am also not able to see this option. i am sorry not sure how to enable it back. thanks.


Thanks for your reply !

So I guess that’s not possible, I’ll let my staff know, thanks!

your welcome.

Hi @Christopher_p ,

Thank you for reaching out to us, we’ve made a switch to a tree view panel to allow more activities to be displayed as well as other functionality like favourites, recent etc. I’ve linked below our release notes that provide more details about the new feature:

Thank you for your answer. This menu works for me, but some employees would like to stay on the old model out of habit, so it is not possible.

Thank you for the information you provided ! :muscle: