How do I show Studio X activities?

I had the option to show Studio X but it disappeared when I tried to look for it again.

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Which studio Version is in use?
Which version of UiPath.System.Acitvities is referenced for your project?

I am using version 21.10.0
UiPath Studio Pro

Can you please also tell? Thanks

Still new to this so I’m not too sure, is this the version? 21.10.0

Hi Eleen,
you can show the StudioX activities by switching from Studio or Studio Pro to StudioX.
Settings > License and Profile > View or change profile > Choose Studio X. UiPath studio will restart as Studio X

Edit: if you want to play around with StudioX. You can follow this course. It will show you how to create your first automation in Studio X.

My school wants us to use studio pro instead of studio X for our projects, I was previously able to access the Studio X activities using the filter button but I can’t find it anymore. Will I be able to open my projects in both profiles?

how do I go about downgrading to 2021.4?

I was actually following a tutorial made by my school and was looking for some activities under Studio X business. I was told that we would need to use some other activities in the future for our projects for a client.

refering to the latest docu pages ( related to your version) this filter option is no longer listed

So maybe some progresses will have lead to that this filter option is no longer needed. Just give a try on search for this activity you want to use and check if it is offered.

Ah okay, thank you so much for the help! :slight_smile:

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