Ui path activities taking too much time to execute on another system

My Ui path project is working properly on my system, but when i am trying to deploy same on client’s laptop, then activities are taking too much time(around 1 min) to execute, though my default timeout is 30 sec. Both the systems have almost equal configuration.
is there have any idea to handle this situation.Please Suggest

Does your automation involve a web browser? I don’t know if this is the case, but personally I’ve had speed variances based on browser versions, security settings, etc. If you haven’t done this already, I would run Debug mode to see if all the activities are taking a little longer or if it’s one or two particular ones that it hangs at. Might tell you something.


Thanks for your suggession.
My application contains web browser(IE 11), I have already checked all the browser’s settings

it is working after reinstallation of windows OS 2010 to 2007.
Working Fine now.

So @vikrammahit you downgraded your windows?

yes, it is working fine nw

Hi Vikram,

I am not sure I understand. You downgraded from Win10 to Win7?

yes , i have downgraded windows 10 to windows 7, because open browser activity was not working on some of the windows 10 systems.